This is the Surprising Thing That Could Happen to the Hot Cop Who Took Social Media by Storm

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There has been a lot of talk about team mafisi for a while now and many agree that they do exist. Team mafislets on the other hand is something many ladies are not willing to accept exists. Steve Karisa would have a different opinion about this. He is a very handsome Kenyan policeman who apparently fears for his job after team mafislets went wild after he posted his picture on social media.

Steve Karisa is an administration police officer who from his body looks like a gym enthusiasts. He became an overnight celebrity after his pictures became an attraction for many ladies on social media as the photos made rounds in many of the social media platforms and the blogosphere.

In an interview, the police officer said that the attention may bring him a lot of trouble with his bosses because they are very particular with issues concerning social media attention. According to him, he only posted the photos with the intention of creating memories and he had no idea it would become a topic of discussion.


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