Robert Alai Claims That Muthama and Junet Mohammed are Being Treated Worse Than Guantanamo While Moses Kuria Gets 5 Star Treatment

Earlier this week, 8 MPs where locked up for hate speech following the prosecution’s request.

In the past, there have been rumours that MPs never get locked up, they just resume their normal lives and we are made to believe they are somewhere serving time.  It has always been difficult for journalist to confirm these rumours. We therefore left with no choice but to believe what the police have to say.

Robert Alai, Cord blogger seems to have some information about the recently locked up MPs. According to him, the opposition members of parliament are getting very bad treatment.

On his post on Facebook he said that Junet Mohammed, Suna East MP was denied the pleasure of having a prayer mat. This according to Robert Alai is something that is unheard of even in Guantanamo Bay. He also claims that the MPs have been denied fresh clothes, food and water while the other MPs led by Moses Kuria are getting a 5 star treatment.

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