Muhoho Kenyatta Gives Kenyan Celebrities a Date at Statehouse

When the cat is away, the mice will play!! Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Muhoho Kenyatta decided to entertain a few celebrities at State House while his father was in Brussels, Belgium on an official visit.

Muhoho Kenyatta’s guests were some of the most celebrated Kenyan celebrities. They had the privilege of spending time at the most guarded houses in the country. The celebrities invited were: Willy Paul,Phil Karanja, DJ Euphorique, Abel Mutua and NTV’s Tracy Wanjiru among others.

According to Willy Paul, the purpose of the visit was to simply share some ideas: “Hanging out with the respected, at the main house (state house). The Presidents son MO… It is was good sharing ideas.. Gods speed ….” he wrote.
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