Secret Life of Moses Kuria, What You Didn’t Know

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Moses Kuria has time and time again been in the spotlight for saying or doing something that is unexpected. Recently, he was caught on camera showing his middle finger.

The incident happened when Moses Kuria and other members of parliament has been arraigned in courts following hateful remarks.
His actions sparked a lot of reactions from Kenyans on social media. Majority of the people where not pleased with how he handled himself in court and in other situations.

One thing is for sure, Moses Kuria is used to getting his way in many situations without facing the consequences. For instance, when he was secretly dating Miss World Kenya, the story took social media by storm and after a few days, it was forgotten. It seems like Moses Kuria believes there are no long term consequences for his actions. This is probably why he is the way he is. He will not change until an effective action against how he carries himself as a leader is taken.

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