Could This Be Vera Sidika’s Sponsor?

There has been a lot of talk on how Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika affords her lifestyle. A lot of Kenyans have different opinions on how Vera Sidika finances her lavish lifestyle.

The Kenyan Socialite decided to shed some light on the issue when she revealed who her sponsor is on Instagram.
Vera Sidika posted a photo of Play Boy Founder Hugh Hefner who she revealed is her sponsor.
She had previously said that she has a wealthy Nigerian boyfriend who finances her lifestyle and had posted pictures of herself in different luxury hotels in Lagos. It looks like Vera Sidika as expanded her horizons out of Africa.

Check out some of her most recent pictures on Instagram.
Vera-Sidika-3-990x1237 crop
Vera-Sidika-2-990x1237 crop

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