If You Love Partying and Drinking This is What Could Happen to You in Nairobi

John Mbugwa was born in 1987 on June 10th. He had a part time job and had graduated from Africa Nazarene University with a degree in International Business Management in 2014.

John Mbugwa decided to invite his friends to his birthday party which he held on one of the most popular joints in Thika; Maxland Bar and Lounge on Friday. John and his friends made merry with drinks with the hopes of inviting his 30th birthday in style not knowing that this would be his last day.

While at the party, John’s drink was spiked and the effects were so strong that he died. According to his uncle, John began vomiting continuously and all efforts made to save his life did not bear fruit. He did not even make it to the hospital.

His friends said that they had been drinking throughout the night. It was at 6 a.m. that he started vomiting. It was the bar’s management that called the Thome Police Post officers.

Mr Mbugua, John’s uncle said that it took some time for the police officers to convince the taxi drivers to take him to Tumaini Uhai Hospital.

The police suspected that John Mbugwa was poisoned and they arrested two women who are said to have joined John at his table earlier in the night; a post-mortem examination confirmed that John had been poisoned.
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According to the pathologist’s report, John has some white substances in his stomach. These were taken for analysis to the Government Chemist. The suspects were also found with a suspicious substance that was taken for analysis as well.



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