Richest Female Musician In Kenya Akothee Finally Gets Married To Her Swiss Boyfriend Amidst Pregnancy Rumor

Akothee has announced many at times that she is an independent woman that does not need to get married or get anyone to take care of her. However, things have definitely changed and she has found that knight in shining amour.

In an exclusive invite card only wedding that happened in Johannesburg, South Africa this past Saturday, Akothee tied the knot to her Swiss boyfriend. It is alleged that the wedding was rushed and done privately as Akothee is expecting her 6th child, although it is not yet confirmed. The wedding was nothing short of a fairytale wedding as normal cars were replaced by a chopper. She even went as far as sending a message to her haters saying” wacha nilie kwa chopper kuliko nicheke kwa baisikeli nikinyeshewa na ben 10”.

The highlight of the wedding however is Akothees sweet words to her hubby saying “nampenda mpaka naumwa.’
All in all Akothe looks genuinely happy to be a married woman and we wish her all the best. Check some of the exclusive photos from Akothees Instagram.





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