This Is The Real Reason Boniface Mwangi Splashed Fake Blood On Police Spokesman

Every Kenyan knows that the police uniform is supposed to be feared and respected, that is if you don’t want to land yourself in a cold police cell. However, it seems like Boniface Mwangi did not get the Memo, as he did the unthinkable during Monday’s protests against extra judicial killings. Without any warning he splashed fake blood on the police spokesman. Activist Boniface Mwangi has since come forward defending his move. In his statement he said that since Mr. Owino, the police spokesman, decided to join the protests voluntarily, he like every other citizen who was in the protest would be doused in red food coloring, signifying the blood.

He went on to say that everyone who took part in the front line was covered in the red marks and that his uniform was bought by taxpayer’s money. He finished his statement by stating that although Mr. Owino’s presence was meant as a PR stunt, it is a huge help for future protests as it signifies protests are usually peaceful.

All in all, the Inspector general has remained silent on the issue of the extra judicial killings, Kenyans just have to wait and see if the protest bears fruit or it will be one of the many.



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