“Pesa Sio Shida Kwa Akothee Matumizi Ndio Shida!” Kenya’s Richest Songbird Takes A Chopper From Wilson Airport To Carnivore

Following in the footsteps of once famed CMB Prezzo, Kenya’s arguably richest singer, Akothee took a chopper from Wilson airport to the carnivore grounds. Yes, a distance of just a few meters just to make a statement at the Luo festival. Yes, having lots of cash can make you do some ludicrous things.

Akothee, stole the show for a moment as fans attending the event bolted to capture photos and videos of her grand entrance. Her entire entourage was nothing short of that of a prominent politician. Speaking about prominent people, Raila Odinga also graced the event. However, his reception was not as thunderous when compared to that of Akothee.

Here are some pictures of the event:




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