“Wahu’s And Nameless’ Marriage Is DEAD! Says Former TV Presenter

There are many celebrity marriages that come and go but when it comes to those that have stood the test of time many will say that Nameless and Wahu takes the day. But is this true? They have been together since they met years ago in campus and now, two beautiful children later are still holing on. But are they holding on to a broken relationship? It is all just PR?

According to Elizabeth Iruungu what Wahu and Nameless have is a dead relationship! The former TV presenter claims that she is capable of telling when a relationship is overstretched.

She saw it in the Lilian Muli and Mr. Kanene’s and Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari’s relationships. Via a Facebook post, Ms. Iruungu said that her favorite celeb couple is Prezzo and Michelle Yola. She believes this couple is the real thing whereas Wahu’s marriage is only a showbiz stunt. She even goes further to say that she would not be surprised if the two slept in separate bedrooms!

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