A Bugoma Man Is Back In The News For Doing This Shocking Thing


Something about the men in Bungoma is very extrodinary. They are always in the news for the strangest or most amazing fetes ever. Recently a man by the name Ken Wafula rode a black mamba from his home to in Kanduyi Bungoma to Lodwar. This was in order to watch football match. He is a diehard football fan and was ready to do anything to watch his local secondary school team, Bukembe High School, take part in the regional games.

For those who haven’t done the math, this is a distance of around 400km. This is a long stretch even for those taking the journey by car. It took him around 24 hours to complete the entire journey. Armed with only three liters of water and 20 ‘Kangumus’ his body was able to endure this grueling trip. Luckily Bukembe High Shool has promised to offer him a ride back home on the return trip.

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