Big Shame! A Kenyan Woman Caught Stealing Handbags In Tanzania Forced To Walk Around With A Sign Written ‘Mimi Ni Mwizi Kutoka Kenya’ (Video)


We’ve all witnessed a number of incidences in Kenya where armature thieves are caught and shamed or ridiculed in public. It seems things are no different in Tanzania where a Kenyan lady identified as Atwara was caught stealing handbags. This was from a number of exhibitors at Mlimani City Conference Center, in Dar es Salaam. The visibly shaken lady was paraded in public and forced to hold a placard with the words “Mimi Ni Mwizi Kutoka Kenya (I am a Thief From Kenya)”.

According to witnesses, this is not the first time that the lady has committed such an act. It is alleged that she had formed the habit of stealing people’s property and this is the first time she was caught in the act. Her accusers laid a trap which led to her capture and subserquesnt shaming.

Here is the video

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