Forget All The Other Kenyan Socialites And Their Sponsor Money, Meet Lisa Martinez, This Is How She Makes Cash

Lately an average looking Kenyan girl has been causing a stir on social media. She’s posted photos posing with thousands if not millions of Kenyan shillings everywhere. One of the photos even shows her posing in a bathtub filled to brim with Ksh 1000 notes. As always a section of green-eyed Kenyans had something to say about this. Most were for the idea that this is sponsor money since rarely do the wealthy pull such outrageous stunts.

To clear the air Lisa Martinez decided to post a video explaining how she gets her cash. According to her it would be ridiculous for someone to give you all that money just to pose with it in pictures. She claims she is not lucky in any way. She works hard and gets paid a lot. She also doesn’t need a man to provide for her in any way.

Here is the video she posted:

Here are some of her pictures:





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