5 New Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About Abdihakim Maslah And The Kapenguria Station Shooting


Early Thursday, Kapenguria police station woke up to a bizarre incident involving a suspected Alshaabab member. The man going by the name Abdihakim Maslah reportedly held police officers hostage for more than 8 hours. The man brandished a gun and leveled it against the police officers killing some of them in the 5.30a.m incident. However, the incident took on a new twist when it turned out that the gunman was a lone police officer, serving at the same Kapenguria station as a driver. He had apparently grabbed a firearm from the report office before going on the killing spree.

Although the reason behind his motive for turning against his colleagues is not yet known, confirmed reports state that the officer had previously given his resignation letter but it had been rejected. On scrutinizing his online activity, it has also been found out that he had been posting Jihadist comments online to the shock of many of his workmates.

Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about Abdihakim Maslah and the Kapenguria Station shooting

  • Colleagues say he had been posting some jihadist comments on his social media.
  • He acted alone during the attack
  • He managed to kill 8 police officers including one Recce Commando in the Kapenguria Shooting
  • It took the intervention of an elite team of GSU officers to end the stand-off in which her was fatally shot.
  • It took around 15 minutes for the GSU officers to quash the standoff.





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