Akothee Is Leaving Kenya For Good, Here is the reason She Is Set To Relocate To Europe Permanently

Love her or hate her the woman is loaded. Not only is is she loaded but it seems wealthy guys cannot get enough of her. After getting hitched and divorced about three times the mother of five is set to remarry. According to an interview conducted by Radio Citizen’s #MamboMseto Akothee has less than one week in the country before she permanently relocates to Switzerland.

The reason she is relocating is simply because she has been given a compulsory bed rest. Apparently the father of her kids feels like relocating the entire family to Europe is the best way to get Akothee to rest. Even though the flamboyant singer will be spending most of her time at her new home she noted that she will be jetting into the country frequently. As for her fans, they don’t really have to worry, she will be constantly keeping in touch on social media.

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