Be Advised: These Are The Major Roads That Will Be Closed During The UN Conference Next Week

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The Nairobi County traffic department has released a list showing the roads that will be closed during the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The conference will run from 16th to 22nd and will see a number of roads completely closed down or partially closed off. Roads such as Harambee Avenue, Taifa Road, Parliament Road and City Hall Way will be closed for the entire period. Mama Ngina Street, Webera Street and Standard Street will be closed on certain days only.

Traffic police have advised motorists to use alternative routes during this period. Those heading out of the city can use Haile Selassie Avenue, University Way and Kenyatta Avenue. A total of 23 heads of state and 7,000 delegates are expected to jet into the country. The conference is meant to tackle a number of issues which include business growth, civil society, trade, development and education.

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