Jamaican Dancehall Artist Konshens Not Only Produces Good Music But Rocks Our Very Own Harambee Stars Jersey

As most Kenyan youths are struggling to buy Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City jerseys, no one even thought that there is someone in Jamaica who fancies the Harambee Stars Jersey. After realizing that it is only in Kenya where the local residents do not love their music, Jamaican and Nigerian music artists have decided to bring their talent to our soil.

As if this is not enough, some of them have opted to embrace things that we do not value. This comes after Konshens, an award winning singer was spotted and snapped while wearing our national football team’s jersey. Apparently, most Kenyans do not know that we have one of the most dopest jerseys not only in Africa but also the entire world. Although a section of Kenyans on social media and other platforms argue that it is all about business, it is good to see a talented artist like Konshens rocking with our jersey.

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