Shock And Disbelief As A Woman Brings A Live Snake Into Church Scaring Faithful’s In Embu

After a recent incident were a boy pretended to be a ghost in church scared faithful’s in Umoja, something even more sinister has occurred. This time the bizzare incident was reported in Embu where a snake slithered its way from a woman’s handbag, scaring the 1500 faithfus who had come to worship in Emco Hall. With most of them fleeing the hall, some were forced to stand on their seats, as a few courageous ones went ahead to kill and burn the snake.

The woman in question, when asked on why she brought a snake to church, she explained that she was an agent sent to disrupt prayers from those in need. She went ahead to state that she has always carried the black snake as it was her leader.

Pastor Natasha who was leading the prayers was quick to point out that witchcraft is still rampant at this age and time and it is indeed sad that people still practice it. The Saturday afternoon drama ended as the woman was prayed for, even though she kept becoming violent seeking to draw blood from whoever drew close.

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