This Is Why Drunk Socialite Prezzo Was Arrested And Taken To Embakassi Police Station Like A Thug Yesterday Night

Prezzo is at it again and this time he has got what was coming to him for a while. The controversial rapper on Saturday night was arrested after trying to force himself into someone’s vehicle. Visibly drunk, he had stopped the motorist to ask for a lift and on being turned down, he decided to forcefully get into the car. He not only got into the car but also started threatening the motorist with all kinds of things, something that the motorist did not take lightly. The motorist being assisted by the guards manning the gate in Nyayo estate decided to call the police, after which Prezzo was arrested while the car which was in the company of friends was towed away.

Prezzo was however alone when reaching he police station, after his company of 3 fled the scene when the police were called. Although the whole incident is yet to be confirmed, with the controversial rappers recent drunken escapades, it is more likely it did occur. All in all, we will wait to see if charges will be made and if this time he will learn his lesson.

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