“This Is Why I Twerk Infront Of My Father”, Singer Akothee Confesses (Video)


As if what we have seen from the richest musician in Kenya is not enough, Akothee has revealed what many consider impossible and almost a taboo. In a recent interview aired by Nairobi News, Akothee described her passion and love for music and why she choose Afro-beat with Anglo-Luo as her style of singing. Describing herself, she said she is not only a good comedian but also a very good dancer and she considers it her hobby. Following in that line of topic, she also added that her love for dancing does not hold her back even when in the presence of her father. In the statement she quickly agreed that she does twerk in front of her father, stating that she is not ashamed of it in the least. She however was also quick to add that even her daughter’s twerk in front of her and she doesn’t consider it bothersome.

Considering that she is a performer who actually knows how to dance, many see her love for dancing as an innocent act on her part. However when it comes to her twerking in front of her father and being a mother herself, this just does not sit right with many others. So do you think it is okay for Akothee to be twerking in front of her father?

Here is the video:

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