Akothee’s 6th Pregnancy Starts To Show As She Does The Unbelievable For Her Unborn Child (Pics)

It seems Akothee can no longer hide the fact that she is indeed having her 6th child. Having recently done an interview saying that her biggest hobby is giving birth, she appears to be seriously considering filling the earth alone. In her recent photos posted on social media, Akothee who is known to have the perfect flat tummy that every woman can envy has a baby bump. Although it is not as big, it is noticeable even when she is fully dressed. However it seems like Akothee is not ready for Kenyans to start judging her on her pregnancy and has done the unthinkable. By regularly flying out of the country to South Africa, Akothee does all her pregnancy progress checkups in the country, Not settling for less, she is rumored to go for the very best hospitals.

With most of her fans congratulating her on her pregnancy, a few are not buying it saying she is just adding weight as any woman at her age would. With the fact that she was seen enjoying a few glasses of wine during the Luo Festival, it is hard to argue. All in all, a few months wait will reveal if she is indeed pregnant or just adding weight.

Here are some pics:


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