This Is Why Akothee Loves The Expensive Hobby Of Giving Birth


With the recent wedding video Akothee’s hit Single Yuko Moyoni came a lot of rumors about a 6th secret pregnancy, thus the rushed wedding. However in the end it was all a promotion before the songs release but it seems not everything was false. In a recent interview by Nairobi News Esther Akoth famously known as Akothee, revealed although she is a mother of 5 children her biggest hobby is giving birth.

Explaining herself she said that due to peer pressure she found herself starting a family when she was just 14 years old. Trying not to blame herself although she had many struggles, she forged ahead making it work and now she is rich. She added saying that although she has many mouths to feed, unlike many women she does not run to her baby daddy’s for child support, as another hobby of hers is paying the bills.

All in all with her showy lavish lifestyle proved on instagram, no one can blame her for her choice of hobby. One can only hope that she gets a good looking man and the next child she has, is as good looking as her other kids.

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