Controversial Rapper Prezzo Set To Appear In Court On Thursday And The Assault Charges May Land Him In Jail

Controversial rapper Prezzo is finally facing charges after assaulting a KQ pilot on Saturday afternoon. The incident happened in Embakasi’s Nyayo estate after Prezzo was denied a lift from the pilot known as Stanley Kipchumba. At this point Prezzo then slapped the pilot and proceeded to threaten him, stating he should know people. With witnesses coming forward stating that the rapper even withdrew his gun to threaten the pilot, many on social media are hoping that he finally gets his firearm taken. This comes about as the rappers previous arrest was due to firing in the air outside a famous crowded local club.

According to Embakasi DCIO Ephantus Kimiulwa, the rapper remained in custody till Sunday evening after being arrested in the residence. He was released when he posted a cash bail of Sh.20, 000. Jackson Ngechu Makini also known as Prezzo is expected to appear in court on Thursday to answer two charges of Assault and one charge of creating disturbance. All in all Kenyans have to wait and see how the case will unfold.

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