Grammo Suspect, First Openly Lesbian Kenyan Rapper Releases New Music

After releasing her first video this February, Our Love Is valid, Grammo Suspect has once again released another Song. In the second video called Injustice, the song mainly focuses on the LGBT community in Africa, especially in Kenya and on what affects them. In the song she features a Ugandan artist who goes by the name Poyzone. The song was produced by none other than producer herbalist of Herbal Records. The video itself features three members of the LGBT community, showing pieces of injustice that all faced bringing them closer together. On a personal note Gramo suspect seems to be talking about herself as a man stuck in a woman’s body, as she dresses mainly as a man and also behaves like a man.

With the first song receiving mostly negative feedbacks from the conservatives in the country, the message in this second song is sure to change the kind of many. On another note looking at the vocals and the beats, no doubt it is a masterpiece in itself.

All in all with it having been released just a few days ago, the reaction of many is yet to be seen. Check the video below.

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