This is The Ridiculous Reason Why Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe Are Viciously Fighting Again, Worse Than Ever Before

This past weekend was one of the most entertaining ones yet. This comes after Socialites, Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe decided to viciously attack each other. However, thiV time their reason for the social media squabble was flimsy. As many were congratulating Vera Sidika on becoming the official brand ambassador of international brands Flat Tummy and Fashion Nova, Huddah Monroe was not for the idea. With the support of her fans Huddah claimed that Vera Sidika had copied her move since she had also landed two lucrative deals with a phone and taxi company.

Huddah was quick to state that Vera should Shut Up since she will be running the show soon. Vera on the other hand was quick to defend her ego, stating that Huddah is full of hot air and empty threats, and should at least show some level of respect. Now that the two have the same followers on social media its time they made up and let bygones be bygones. We are kind of tired of their endless pointless drama.

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