Shocking! Major Drama In Migori As A Furious Woman Destroys Husbands Classy Landrover Over Alleged Cheating (Photos and Video)

A woman in Migori seems to have been feed up with her husband’s cheating behavior and went ahead to smash his Land Rover. The mother of five kids is said to have stormed the apartment where the cheating man was having a good time with another woman and turned her anger on his classy Land Rover. The incident attracted residents who came to see what was taking place.

She smashed the windscreen, headlights, windows and even deflated the tires of the car with rage. The crowd watched in amazement and cheered her on. According to the lady, she stood with the man while he was seeking loans only for him to leave her for another woman. When the man became stable, he started treating her like trash. She alleged that he forced her to leave a good house and move into a Ksh.4000 per month rental. The complainant also claimed that her spouse has been abusing her physically to the point that she lost her teeth.

Here are some pictures of the incident:
destory head light

destory side mirror

detroy tires

Here is the video:

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