Vera Sidika Takes A HIV Test And This Is The Surprising Reason Why She Had To Do It Publicly


During the weekend Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe got into altercation which as usual was very entertaining for their followers on social media. The fight saw a number of slanderous insults thrown both ways and in the end, one insult stood out. Huddah Monroe accused Vera of smashing raw in china where she was paid 5,000 dollars for her services.

Apparently, the accusation forced Vera to take a HIV test and share the results publicly on snapchat to prove that she wasn’t a carrier of the virus. As usual this move had some mixed reactions. Some praised her for the bold step while others wondered why she was seeking validation from the public. Surprisingly, some of her followers even shared touching stories on how they have been affected by HIV and how they faced discrimination and stigmatization by society.

Here is the post she put up:
Vera then went ahead to reveal that she will be putting up a foundation to help Fight HIV stigmatization so that people can stop shaming those who are affected.

Now this is how you take advantage of a potentially explosive situation.

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