Meet The Luo Man Who Wrecked His Ksh.7.4 Million Car At The Southern Bypass And Smiled Like It Was Nothing

Owning a car worth millions is a dream that many of us would die without achieving. This seems not to be the case with men from the lake region. Residents and passersby of the Southern Bypass were surprised to see our brother from the lakeside staring at his wrecked car estimated at Ksh.7.4 million and smiling. Many people wondered whether the driver of the Jaguar XJ had a mental complication.

Unlike other drivers who scream and show other mixed reactions after being involved in accidents, the man looked composed as if he had a gold mine at his backyard. It is alleged that the driver hit a lorry from the rear as he was trying to overtake. Both drivers were forced to stop and assess the damage caused on their automobiles. His jaguar was more damaged compared to the lorry. He surprised onlookers when he moved around while appearing as if he wanted to compensate the owner of the Lorry.

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