This Is Why SONU Leader Babu Owino Was In Court Today And Was Freed On A Ksh 200,000 Bail


Paul Ongili, popularly known as Babu Owino has appeared in the headlines once more. This time round his is not asking Nairobi University Girls to urinate on Obama’s tree or pointing an accusing finger towards Moses Kuria but answering assault charges. The Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) leader has alleged that police have denied him access to statements made by the witnesses. The controversial students’ leader is facing charges for assaulting his greatest political enemy Mike Jacobs during the previous elections. He told the a Kibera Magistrate that the investigating officers have not been willing to provide him with witness statements.

Babu is claimed to have assaulted Jacobs at a petrol station in Nairobi. The outspoken leader was freed on a Ksh.200, 000 bail afterwards. He asked the prosecution team to provide him with a copy of the complainants’ P3 form so that he can prepare his defense. The prosecution also blamed him for failing to comply with the court order that required him to get the documents in court. There are five witnesses set to appear before the court including a police doctor. The magistrate said that he does not want excuses and directed that the accused to be provided with the necessary documents on Thursday.

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