Before All The Millions, This Is Where Deputy President William Ruto Used To Live While Selling Chickens During His Jua Kali Days

At a recent burial of his younger brother, DP Ruto got an opportunity to welcome president Uhuru Kenyatta to his childhood home in Kamagut, Turbo Constituency, Uasin Gishu County. After the funeral Mr Ruto took the president to a simple two-roomed house where he lived for some time while running a chicken selling business. The two shared the light hearted moment laughing and even took some photos of the house. Mr Ruto now lives in a lavish mansion in Karen, one of the poshest places in Kenya.

Funny enough some of his childhood friends still don’t believe he is the deputy president and still refer to him as they would anyone else. Even some of the villagers at his childhood home can’t still seem to grasp the idea. President Kenyatta had to make the confirmation while on the podium in order for the non-believers to have some concrete evidence about Ruto’s status in government.

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