This Is The Other Alleged Daughter Zari Had With Another Man Before She Had Tiffah With Diamond Platinumz

A few days ago reports came in that Tiffah was not Zari’s first daughter as she had made people believe. With this revelation fans and haters alike were shocked and wanted to know what happened. Fortunately, the truth came out.

An EA blog had earlier suggested that Zari had a girl by the name Zulekha Hassan and left her with her grandmother to pursue her interests. However, some quick research revealed that this was a fat lie as the lady in question was a grown up woman.

In fact Zulekha personally came out to refute the claims with evidence of a photo. The old photo she showed was that of a her as a child in the company of Zari and other children. In her caption she wrote if zari did give birth to her, she would have been 7 years old. Looking at the photo, it’s obviously true that she is in not in any way Zari’s daughter.

All in all Zulekha is as beautiful as Zari, it seems that is where the gossip started. Considering everything else, it is just a baseless groundless rumor that should be squashed.

Check the photo of Zulekha below.
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