Apart From The JKIA Incident Here Are Some Other Controversies That Haunt The King Of Lingala Koffi Olomide

Controversies surround Congolese King of Lingala Koffi Olomide like his shadow. In equal measure, his life is full of drama. He was arrested by Kenyan police hours after kicking one of his female dancers in the full glare of police. This made us dig deep back to his past controversies. Lets present some of the most memorable ones:

Rape allegations

In 2012, Olomide was charged with three counts of rape. He was also charged with being in possession with illegal confinement. This charges led him to face a three-month suspension and life behind bars.

Assault allegation to his producer

In the same year, Olomide faced a three-month suspension. He was also sentenced after assaulting one of his producers.

Zambian police escape

Controversies are his second name. He narrowly escaped Zambian police arrest in 2013 after allegedly assaulting a journalist.

Profanity to the Catholics

Koffi Olomide is weird in crazy ways. He once referred to himself as the Congolese Benedict the XVI. This was a total insult to catholic faithfuls. He went ahead to place banners in Kinshasa claiming the possession of this name.

Defying police arrest

Back in his home country, he defied police arrest. A scuffle engulfed and he was roughly frog marched, injured and cornered.

Kenyans are a creative people. Moments after his assault to his dancer (Pamela), they referred to him as “Teke Olomide”.

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