Congolese Musician Koffi Olomide Arrested While His Female Dancer, Pamela, Claims She Was Not Beaten Up

Yesterday a disturbing video made rounds on the internet showing Congolese music maestro, Koffi Olomide, kicking one of his female musicians. This was at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in the morning. Although it’s not clear what the alteration was all about it is rumored that Koffi had been irritated by one of the dancers who fell out with his alleged lover, Cindy Le Couer. The entire event did not go down well with Kenyan authorities and consequently, Olomide was arrested late Friday night after a live TV interview on Citizen TV.

According to Citizen TV, Pamela, the female dancer who was allegedly assaulted, claims that the entire thing is a misunderstanding and she was never beaten up. This is despite the fact that there is video evidence showing how the drama ensued. In a statement Pamela said that koffi is not aggressive and he would never harm anybody. On the other hand, Koffi claims that he was defending his dancer from a lady who was threatening them at the airport. Hmmm, we wonder who is telling the truth, the two or the hundreds of eye witnesses. Then again, who is this shameless mysterious lady who attacked the dancers.

Will just have to wait and see what transpires after his arrest.

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