This Is Why The Bungoma Man Who Hung On A Chopper Like James Bond Will Be Flown To Nairobi, And Treated Like A King

Remember the young lad who shocked the world by hanging from a helicopter like a deranged stuntman during the body viewing of the slain businessman Jacob Juma. Well it seems his effort didn’t go in vain. As everyone looked on in awe and wondered why someone in their right mind would do such an act, some looked on in great admiration. One of those who looked on with admiration was Nairobi-based businessman Lendrix Wasawa. The flamboyant businessman viewed this as an act of rare bravery and selflessness. To him a Hollywood fiction movie had just turned into reality.

Following the hanging incident, Wanjala better known as James Bond now, was arraigned in court but later bailed out by the businessman for ksh 30,000. To better honor Wanjala, Lendrix Wasawa has decided to invite him and his family to his Lavington home for a luncheon. Not only has Waswa offered some sponsored return tickets but also some first class goodies to be accorded to the Bungoma man. Wanjala will be picked from the airport with a classy S- class Mercedez Benz and treated like a King during his 2 day stay in Nairobi.

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