Sonko Planning To Ditch Jubilee And Join Cord If This Tough Condition Is Met


The Nairobi senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko might join the Raila Odinga captained ship. The darling of the youths is said to be contemplating joining CORD coalition if his conditions are met. This should not come as a surprise because his political roots lie in ODM. He started his political career as one of the key young opposition leaders before differing with the orange leadership.

The price that CORD will have to pay is relatively big. He had stated categorically stated that if Kalonzo Musyoka is made the coalition’s flag bearer, he will ditch Jubilee. This is a hot yam to swallow for both parties. Whoever plays his cards well will definitely have the next Nairobi governor.

The senator had positioned himself strategically in readiness for the gubernatorial battle in the city. This is a seat that the opposition is willing to defend at all costs while the government wants to snatch it whether it rains or shines. Will Baba allow Mr. Musyoka to be on the ballot to woo more Jubilee votes?

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