As People Bash, Shun And Reject Koffi Olomide Here Is One Kenyan Who Has Come To His Defence

The recent events surrounding Koffi Olomide’s assault on one his dancers have taken social media by a storm. Many have cast stones on this musical legend, and I think the common goal has been to shame him. To the surprise of many, Achieng Abura has raised her voice in defense of Koffi Olomide.

Achieng shares her sentiments by categorically pointing out the hypocritical move by Kenyans condemning the act. She argues that many times we overlook the same mannerisms when done by our very own leaders. In an attempt to justify her point of view, Achieng is quick to state that people make mistakes, and this understanding does not exempt celebrities like Koffi Olomide.

While most of us will choose to lash out at this songstress, it is important to consider the fact that she has raised a valid point. Some will argue that Achieng has a soft side when it comes to condoning gender-based violence, we cannot escape the fact that her arguments are legit. Whether or not Kenyans over reacted is a discussion that might never come to an end. Whether or not Achieng is right, depends on an individual’s understanding. You be the judge.

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