Bungoma’s Chopper Man Lands Himself A Serious “Sponsor”

Saleh Wanjala, from Bungoma, who has for a period of time been referred to a Bungomas James Bond, was yesterday treated to a sponsored flight trip to Nairobi. The businessman turned sponsor by Kenyans on Twitter is James Waswa.

The Bungoma chopper man had hung on a chopper that carried Jacob Juma’s body to Bungoma. Risking his life, the man became the talk of the internet, followed by memes of him that circulated the social realm.

A court in Bungoma charged him with a count of endangering his life because of hanging onto the chopper.Amazingly, Businessman James Waswa decided to clear the man’s bail with no question asked.

With the arrival of the chopper man in Nairobi on Monday, tweeps started lashing at the businessman turned sponsor, for claiming that his act of treating the man and his family to a flight to Nairobi was only meant for rewarding he who had risked his life.



Tweeps did not take the businessman’s act lightly and went ahead to argue that if a man who had risked his life by hanging on a moving chopper can be rewarded, then the ongoing burning of schools should as well be rewarded.

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