Koffi Olomide Faces More Trouble As More Shows Are Cancelled And He Is Booed At His Own Hometown

If you thought that things are getting better for the Congolese Maestro Koffi Olomide then you are very wrong. This comes after Zambia threatened his career. Apparently, the Zambian government has found it necessary to join Kenya in taking an action against selfie hit maker Koffi. After there was public outcry from Kenyans, the government opted to have Koffi deported to his motherland following an incident of assaulting a woman at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport.

Despite the fact that he has received support from some celebrities who feel that social media overreacted, it seems that Kofi’s grave is being dug deeper and deeper. Olomide has faced some many controversies in his musical career but this time round he has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. The Rhumba artist was slated to stage a performance during the 90th Agricultural and commercial Zambia Show but everything has been cancelled.

The head of the Zambian Associations of musicians popularly known as ZAM Mr. Njoya has also joined others in condemning the ridiculous behavior exhibited by the Congolese artist a few days ago. Kofi was in the country for a few hours before he was deported to Kinshasa.

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