Singer Akothee Is Having Pregnancy Problems And Things Don’t Look All That Good For Her

Akothee, one of the wealthiest and most talented female artists on the Kenyan soil has been grumbling about her pregnancy. The mother of five told her fans that she expecting her sixth child. Apparently, the renowned artist is experiencing morning sickness. This has interrupted This is very common among pregnant women of all ages. If you do not know morning sickness, then read on.

Morning sickness is a simply nausea experienced by pregnant women. The condition normally occurs during the first months of pregnancy. Some of signs include a feeling of irritation. The next time you develop such as feeling, there are high chances that you are soon becoming a mother. Akothee was in Dares Salaam from where she decided to share what she was going through. She commented on how she was missing her lovely looking body because of the condition. It looks like everything is pissing her off including her phone.

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