This Is The 25 Year Old KQ Member Who Was Arrested While Smuggling 7.5kg Of Gold worth KSh 34 million


The incident happened on Saturday when cabin crew member was caught smuggling 7.5kg of gold. The victim is a 25 year old Teddy Mutuma Muthee. He was pinned down by anti-Narcotics cell in Mumbai at Hyatt Regency hotel in Andheri while boarding a cab.

One Indian media outlet reported that local police had been tipped about Muthee’s involvement in drug trafficking. However, the authorities could not substantiate the allegations. On the contrary, the Kenyan was found with gold bars.

According to the sentiments to TheAsianAge media by an official, the police raided the suspect’s hotel. They checked his baggage and equipment during the operation. He said, “At that time, however, instead of drugs we found 7.5 kg of gold worth Rs 2.25 crore (KSh34 million).”

When quizzed about the gold, Muthee was not able to offer a convincing response. The incident has been confirmed by Kenya Airways’ PR firm.

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