This Is Why The Rio Olympics Athletes Will Be Provided With 450, 000 Condoms

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Olympians from Australia demanded Zika virus-proof condoms before they took part in the event. This outrageous wish was granted.
Forget about what most of you thought as the raunchiest sporting event. London does not match the coming Olympics in Brazil. The organizing committee supplied 150,000 condoms but Rio has a record breaking 450,000 condoms. The much awaited games will only have 10,500 Olympians to make good use of this astonishing number of protective gears. They have 17 days to represent their great nations and use this product.

When we do some arithmetic, each will have to consume 42 pieces of the provision. This is a historical sporting definition of promiscuity. All participants should thank Australians for compelling the responsible organs to provide this basic commodity. They wanted to be assured of Zika-free competition.

The vital rubber initiative started in the year 1998 in Seoul with 8,500 condoms. However, participants littered roofs tops with used condoms prompting an outdoor sex ban by the Olympic Association.
Since then, this number has sailed higher and higher. 90,000-Bercelona in 1992 and it rose to 90,000 in Sydney, Australia. The provision in Australia was not enough and seems the Brazilian testosterone driven games will be fun.

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