Willy Paul Is At It Again, Meet His New Sexy Light Skin Girlfriend


Willy Paul is someone who has the same number of fans as he has haters. This is for the simple reason that he is always surrounded with drama, the most recent being some saga about stealing of songs and even drinking. Although he does release impeccable hit songs, he is also considered a womanizer by some and many judge him a normal worldly guy who pretends to be spiritual. This time Willy Paul is trending again as after parting with his beautiful light skin girlfriend even after discussing marriage, Willy Paul is now off the market again as he has a new girlfriend.

With the release of his new song, he has taken the opportunity to introduce the sexy lady with the masses still at his side. However with the fact his relationships don’t last very long, one can only hope that this time, it will get a little more serious with less drama.

In this case without much talk, see the sexy photos of the lady below and tell us what you think.



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