A Promoter to Koffi show goes into depression after losing 10 million

The promoter that brought Koffi Olomode is reported to have gone into a depression, after the aborted show. It is reported that the promoter run into loses that amounted into five million, after Koffi Olomide was deported. If he takes everything into account it may be something like 10 million.

The Congolese based musician was programmed to perform at the Bomas of Kenya on Saturday, but an incident that happened at Jomo Kenyatta international airport saw him locked. He spent the night in a police cell on Friday and was deported the following day.

After news on his deportation emerged, fans started demanding for their full refund. All the tickets that were going for 2,500 for regular persons and 4,000 for VIP had sold out. The promoter had no option but to refund their money.

Mr Jules had already paid for Koffi accommodation and hired various cars to ferry him around. He also had security guards to protect him during the event. More money had gone to publicize the event and it is believed that all that cash has gone to waste.

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