Introducing Koffi Olomide Gorgeous Daughter You Won’t Believe Her Age

As the dust settles on Koffi Olomide dramatic weekend, there is another side of him which is lovable, rather, there is someone who complements the superstar’s profile: That is his daughter. His daughter known as Didi Stone has amazing looks which would stun any man who came across her. But there is a warning for those in the Mafisi Sacco who would want to pursue her, she is only 17 years old, they have to wait for a year longer before they can make a move.

She is the shining light in her father’s dark path which is marred with violence. Her father ensured that he takes her away to Paris, France where she is pursuing her studies. She has a gorgeous body that any supermodel would kill for, she is light skinned, has innocent looking doe eyes and a cultured poise, at least from her pictures. Her fashion sense too is up to standard. One must be wondering what she is going through in the midst of her father’s tribulations; she does not deserve it, you might think.

Here are some of her pics:



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