Am Still In Denial, This Is What Happened When President Uhurus’s Biggest Critic, Blogger Alai, Was In His Presence

So what happens when you are in the presence of one of your biggest critics? Well it seems not much if Alai meeting with Uhuru is anything to go by. Controversial blogger Alai was one of the panelists when the president was giving a speech at an ongoing summit at the State House. The aim of the summit is to demystify the energy policy and its consequences. Other summit members who were present included the Energy Cabinet Secretary, his Principal Secretaries, stakeholders , heads of energy parastatals and members of the public.

So does this mean that Alai has crossed over to the other side?

Well, not likely, although the picture depicts a very attentive Alai seated facing the audience as Uhuru gives his speech. Most would have expected some heckling, some booing or a walk out. Kenyans on Facebook were quick to point out that this was clearly shocking. Some even went as far as urging the opposition leader to follow suit since Alai had seen the light.

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