This Is Why This Kakamega Woman Decided To Burn His Husbands Genitals While He Was Asleep


A man in Kakamega lost his manhood after his wife burned him up. According to sources, the victim arrived home and questioned the wife about the details of their land documents. She told him she had destroyed them. The whole thing turned into a bitter argument little did the man know that he was about to lose his “valuables”.

After going to bed late, the man was woken up by some pain in his private parts only to notice that he was burning. The wife had decided to lock him up in the house and ran away. Anthony, as he was later on identified was rescued by the brother who acted promptly. He was taken to Lumukanda hospital where he received treatment and is recuperating following the heinous act. The victim has said that he will not allow a woman who wanted to end his life prematurely in his house again.

Here is the video:

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