This Is The New Shocking Twist In The KU Graduate Murder That Has Left Everybody Speechless And Confused

A few weeks ago, Kenyatta University lost a fresh graduate Edinas Nyainda who was murdered by his boyfriend. The story has hit the headlines once again after it was alleged that the killer is not a KDF soldier as per the earlier reports. Maxwell Otieno is said to have stabbed his girlfriend severally after she wanted to part ways with him. According to Diolence Nyainda, the deceased sister, Maxwell called her to go and pick her sisters body after killing her at around 2.48am.

She claimed that her sister had left the house but never informed her where she was going. When she showed up at his house, the murderer told her that the deceased’s body was lying in the house and he had killed her. The sister added that he said that he had killed her because he loved her and could not think of living without her. In an exclusive interview with NTV, the deceased’s uncle claimed that the murderer was not a KDF soldier but a taxi driver. The deceased body will be transported to Migori for burial.

Pictures of Edinas Nyainda:



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