Babu Owino Is A Drug Dealer And An Empty Head Who Drowns Students In Swimming Pools, Says Controversial Blogger Robert Alai


Hate him or love him, controversial blogger Robert Alia has decided to enter the political arena. Where will he be contesting? Well, Embakasi constituency. Before he even declares his party, he has already met his “greatest political opponent” Babu Owino. If you think Alai is afraid of losing the seat to Babu, then read on.

According to Alai, Babu Owino is an “Empty head” and he will not stand on his way come 2017. The blogger considers himself as an inspiring person who cannot be compared to someone without brains like Owino. Alai also added that he is not threatened by someone who does not reason and sells drugs to destroy other people’s lives. The blogger said that he loves honesty and he does not blackmail businesspersons nor drown students in swimming pools. He believes that putting him in the same sentence with the so called Babu Owino is tragic.

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