Here Is A Crazy Video Showing How Kerosene Is Added To Githeri In Schools


The Education cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i has banned the addition of kerosene to githeri in schools. While terming it a much needed policy shift, Mr. Matiang’i has ordered school heads to ensure that their kitchen staffs do not add kerosene to students’ food. The secretary has received mixed reactions from Kenyans after he claimed that students are using their knowledge and tricks learned in the subject of chemistry to separate the kerosene from Githeri. He added that the same students having been using the kerosene to torch down schools.

“At the end of the day, it would be the height of hypocrisy to charge and expel arsonist students from our schools but allow the tools they use to remain. It’ll be like chopping off the tail and leaving the head. Kerosene is oil and oil floats on top of water or soup. So it wouldn’t be hard for even the dunderhead student to perform the experiment and get a bottle of kerosene” said Matiang’i in defense of his decision. The secretary’s ban comes at a time when students all over the country are burning down schools under unclear circumstances.

Here is a funny depiction of how kerosene is added to food in schools:

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