This Is What You Didn’t Know About Chelah Yegon Whose Explicit Video Has Been Leaked Online And Is Leaving Many In Amazement


Kenyans are by far the biggest hypocrites when it comes to sensually explicit videos. On one hand they are quick to judge women when they are too conservative and quick to point out how unethical they are when they show some skin. Chelah Yegon has come to know of this the hard way, when her explicit video tape was leaked online on Tuesday. She’s been called all sorts of names and I doubt weather this will go away soon. Even though the video is extremely indecent, she has downplayed her embarrassment saying it was a movie scene from a Hollywood movie.

In a statement she addressed her new fans and haters alike, directing them to the doggy style action. She even bravely added that she was open to suggestions on making a new video. Her conclusion was epic as she addressed all who are pretending to never have seen some skin, booty or a man who is well adorned, to stop watching the video.

All in all with some Kenyans calling her some unspeakable words, she has received support from none other than Ciku Muiruri. In her statement she said that Chelah owns her body and can do whatever she likes, which seems pretty logical.

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